Casablanca Ceiling Fans – The Perfect Way to Enjoy Comfort at Home

Want to bring light breeze to humid days? Do you like to enjoy the patio without suffering? Opt for Casablanca ceiling fans and enjoy your comfort in an exclusive style. Casablanca is renowned for building quality ceiling fan for several years. The energy crisis of the 1970 led to the emergence of Casablanca in the residential market. In the last four decades Casablanca is considered to be one of the best ceiling fan manufacturers due to elegant design, efficiency and durability. Starting from quiet, efficient, and customized motors to intricately crafted blades, Casablanca ceiling fans offer a wide array of styles to match any room. Here, you will get the perfect blend of innovativeness, performance and versatility. As a result, ceiling fans from Casablanca can be easily installed in any décor. Moreover, the fans are easy to use. Whether it’s for your indoor or your outdoor space, the Casablanca ceiling fans offer the best value for money. Let’s now check out in this regard the top three varieties of ceiling fans from Casablanca.

 Traditional Indoor Fan – This is a perfect indoor fit for almost any room. You can get it in any color you want. Often, this comes with five blades offering elegance to any home. If you want to add a classical charm to your décor, this will be the perfect fan to opt for. Moreover, the motor is renowned for being powerful and quiet. Furthermore, you may get the option to customize fan with moto finish, premium blades, glass and light fixtures. Wood blades with various finishes are available including mahogany wood, teak, oak and others. Besides, the fan can be compatible with handheld remote and wired wall controls. You may get lifetime warranty on the motor.

 Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan – Now, if you want to go for sleek and modern ceiling fan for large room, this could be the perfect option. Often, this fan comes with brushed nickel finish and decorated halogen Downlight. It is also available with wooden veneer on the blades for offering a smooth and polished finish. Even though, it has a contemporary design, this fan provides a classical beauty for matching every home. You may be lucky to get five swept wing blades with customized finish for this Casablanca ceiling fan. Moreover, you can choose your preferred blade pitch and blade span. The motor is available with six speeds. Hand held remote control options are also available with wall control. You can also get halogen bulb included with the assortment. There is no blade noise of the fan. As a result of which you can enjoy your comfort without anxiety. Lifetime warranty on the motor also comes with this fan.

 Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan – This is a unique blend of performance and style and is the perfect fit for your larger rooms. You can install it in your large living room to make your dear ones feel delighted. It comes with an advanced motor and an exclusive halo up light. The large blades of the fan are capable of moving adequate amount of air quickly and efficiently and the oil-rubbed bronze finish helps to add style to your room. You can get five-blade designs with six-speed forward and reverse options. Often, the fan comes with decorative canopy cover and a lifetime warranty on motor.

So, why are you waiting for? Choose your desired ceiling fan online and get the perfect blend of form and function. Built with next-generation components, the fan lasts for a long time. Whether you have traditional or contemporary applications, this fan is the right fit for every type of room. You can get a wide array of sizes, colors, style and blades for matching your room. Browse online and find out your preferred option. You may also opt for an expert opinion, if you like. However, it is important that you take the right care for Casablanca ceiling fan. You can make use of a soft brush and lint-free cloth for avoiding scratches on the finish. Moreover, if you have to deal with heavy dust, you can use a vacuum cleaning brush. You can use a mild detergent and dampen cloth, but it is better to stay away from using abrasive scrubbers. Remember that the motors of Casablanca ceiling fans are lubricated for life. Hence, you never have to oil the motor. It is also essential to turn off the power through the light switch on the wall. Moreover, in order to be safe, you can turn off power at the circuit breaker. Follow these tips and install Casablanca ceiling fans to get the perfect comfort in your home.

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