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Minka Lavery Pendants for the Bathrooms

Lighting solutions for bathrooms should be given undivided attention and can be tricky at times. There are many things to ponder about- the whole space should be well lit at night; soothing and relaxing vibes must be generated so soft lighting is preferred. The lighting near the mirror, sinks, and countertops must be well balanced […]

Buying the Right Ceiling Fans for Your Home

Ceiling fans; a fixture that not only provides relief to the residents but also becomes a piece of decoration for the ceiling. There are so many types of fans available for homes, offices, institutions, etc. They help in the regulation of temperature in a specific room and can provide relief in winters by generating warm […]

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures – How to Choose a Design That Enhances Your Home

Outside lighting generally gives you and your guests peace of mind and assurance of safety around the house. Since a lot of effort is put into lighting the inside of a house, outside lighting is equally important as well. When one decorates, and fills a home with items, the theme/ setting, the interior look, paint, […]