Check Out These Beautiful Fans from Minka Aire

The ceiling fan has enjoyed a renaissance among upscale home buyers. It is no longer the functional home accessory of old. Instead, buyers have picked up on the innovations and improvements made to newer ceiling fan designs- like more efficiency and lesser electricity consumption. The use of ceiling fans is also known to reduce air conditioning costs- which is a boon considering rising utility prices. We take a look at Minka Aire fans- a part of the Minka Group which specializes in stylish ceiling fans. Minka Aire makes both indoor and outdoor fans in all sizes.

Indoor Fans

-Mini Fans

The Spacesaver fan is a unique compact model made for small rooms by Minka Aire with premium materials and an eye on quality. The three bladed fan has a short blade sweep and a low height. The fan comes in Brushed Steel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and White finishes. It’s a great way to get the same premium experience as owning a large Minka Aire Fan for a reasonable price. Hugger fans are made for flush installation without a separate downrod. These fans can be used in low rooms without causing a safety concern.

-Small and Medium Fans

The MInka Aire Gyro fan is a gorgeous modern interpretation of the gyro fan- which had two inclined turbofans rotating slowly around the fan head. The two turbofans are also individually adjustable vertically. The Gyro design gradually fell out of favor over the decades, to the point where the design remains unfamiliar to most home buyers. However the new and Updated Minak Aire Gyro is well-built and guaranteed to last a long time. The Gyro fan throws air sideways, so they are suitable for halls and large dining areas. The Belcaro Walnut Gyro fan has the trimmings of the opulent 1920s- elaborate metalwork and a deep brown finish. Gyro fans are also available in a contemporary brushed metal finish. The Gyro has an optional lighting element, which can be replaced by a cap.

-Large Fans

MInka Aire has a considerable range of large ceiling fans. Large fans are very noticeable because of their sheer size, while they also have to be efficient at circulating air in the room. So the marriage of form and function is greatly required here. The classic designs like Airus, Bolo and Craftsman have always been a mainstay of the range. These fans have four to five blades for faster air sweep. Contemporary and futuristic designs have also become a part of the range. MInka Aire has collaborated with famed designer George Kovacs to produce the startling Artemis and Cirque models. Artemis looks almost sculpted with its blades seemingly flowing from the head without exposed bolt heads. Cirque looks like a mobile- a suspended metal sculpture with its asymmetric leaf-like blades. The bulbous head and small lighting element add to the artistic effect. Another radical futuristic design is the Win. It has just two blades slanted at an extreme angle. Designs like Aluma, Java and Kewl show the modern side of the design range.

Outdoor Fans

Outdoor fans have to be carefully chosen, because the wiring and motors inside the fan head are especially sensitive to moisture and extreme weather. The outdoor models are specially made with wet-rated components to keep off moisture. Special paint is used to keep the body of the fan rust free even after many years of use.

Mini Fans

Minka Aire’s dependable Concept II family of fans has an outdoor variant which has proved popular among buyers. Concept II has won much praise for its efficient air circulation thanks to the innovative design. The fan can be bought in “hugger” form for flush installation.

Small Fans and Medium Fans

The Traditional Concept range of fans with 44” blade span is a popular outdoor fan. It is available in both light and dark colors like Oil Rubbed bronze and Pewter. Java and Aluma are some other popular models among buyers.

Large Fans

The Slipstream is a stunning large fan developed by Minka Aire for outdoor applications. It features eight blades with a 65” span. The fan can be controlled remotely with a handheld unit. The hardware used is fully stainless steel to prevent rusting.

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