Custom Bathroom Vanities for an Elegant and Luxurious Bathroom

The vanity cabinets in your bathroom have a bigger role to play than just storing everyday necessities, or serving as the base for mounting sinks. These furniture are capable of making or breaking the interiors of your bathrooms. They come in different sizes, shapes, materials, colors, and so on. However no two bathrooms are the same, and hence picking a ready-made vanity cabinet may not always be the solution. This is where customized bathroom vanities come to the rescue. These made to order pieces are tailor made for your bathrooms, and meet all needs and specifications laid down by you.

How to get a customized bathroom vanity built

Many offline and online vendors of furniture offer customization possibilities. To begin with, choose a pre-existing design from the catalogue of products that the company offers. Next, decide on the customization that you want on your chosen design. This could be regarding any feature of your bathroom cabinet. For e.g., you may want a regular wooden vanity to be painted in a specific color like red or white, or you may want a specific finish. You may want to include, modify, or exclude certain hardware, or change the size or height of the vanity. Being custom built, nearly any kind of modification is possible to the vanity, to suit your needs. Some vendors also agree to build a vanity from scratch based on the design that you give them. This could be a hand drawn sketch, an image pulled off a magazine or website, or simply a picture that you clicked at your friend’s place. Once you have finalized the design, and confirmed the order, the manufacturer builds you cabinet. The time taken for this varies from a few weeks to event months, depending on the design, the materials that need to be sourced, and the craftsmanship that goes into it. Once completed, the vendor ships or hands over your very own customized product. Some of them, at this this stage, also send you a picture of your final product and take an approval, before they ship it out.

Different types of customization possible

Almost any feature or component of the vanity design can be modified to suit your tastes. Here are few of them.

  • Style – the most basic vanity is a small article that comes with an open design and a basic wooden counter. However this can be modified to something more complex with one or more shelves for storage. Counter tops of vanities also serve as the base for placing or mounting sinks. It is possible to build a vanity with one, two, or more sinks, as per your choice. You could also opt for a simple apron front style.
  • Size – every bathroom is unique, and that is why it becomes so important to custom build a vanity for your home. The size of the vanity is yet another feature that can be built to specifications. Large or small, wide or narrow, high or low lying – all sizes of vanities can be made to order to suit the dimensions of your bathroom and the space where you place them.
  • Color – any basic wooden vanity comes with the brown hue of the timber. However, it is possible to give your vanity a makeover with light or bright colors to enhance the appeal of the product, as well as that of the bathroom. From white to beige, lime, blue, red, and black, there are many colors that are available for painting vanities in.
  • Type of wood – when ordering a tailor made piece, you can opt for a vanity that is made exclusively from new wood, or get a little more environmental friendly and opt for one made from reclaimed or salvaged wood. Cabinets of this type bring home a characteristic rustic beauty that is unmatched by new lumber.

Just in case you do not have a design in mind, but know the amount of money that you want to invest in the vanity, you can specify the price range of the vendor, who can show you catalogue designs available within your budget, and request for necessary modifications. This way you get to choose a product that fits your bathroom, as well as your pocket.

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