Fast Facts about Hermle Grandfather Clocks

Hermle clocks are about precision, quality, and craftsmanship. Grandfather clocks already hold a fascination for most people as it is hard to ignore them. When it comes to Hermle grandfather clocks, you can expect superior work in terms of finishes, embellishments, mechanisms, and product execution. If you are considering buying a grandfather clock, you need not look further than Hermle.

Here are some fast facts about Hermle grandfather clocks.

Interesting Designs

Hermle grandfather clocks are available in a variety of designs and styles. From smooth to distressed finishes to oak, cherry, mahogany, and walnut – you can find Hermle grandfather clocks as per your preference.

If you like floor clocks but don’t like their bulkiness, you can choose one from Hermle that is slimmer than traditional grandfather clocks. You can also find variety in terms of chime design and use. You can choose from fine detailing or minimal carvings. Hermle also makes grandfather clocks in truly modern styles. If you want a contemporary slimmer floor clock in black, you can find one from the exciting range by Hermle.

In fact, you can find Hermle grandfather clocks that are very distinct with traditional designs that come to mind when you think of one. For instance, a black floor clock with half-rounded door in glass and wood case actually looks like an elegant pillar that is suitable for tiny spaces, modern homes, and even to add as a whimsical design accent in your home or office. For smaller spaces or rooms dressed minimally, you wouldn’t want to use a heavy floor clock. For such design restrictions, Hermle has the perfect solution in sleek oak floor clock with skeleton dial and nickel finish movement.

Brown and More

When it comes to Hermle grandfather clocks, you don’t need to stick to buying brown pieces alone. You can choose from red, dark green, gray, white, and light blue hues. You can of course choose one from the brown range of clocks too – be it lighter or darker shades.

Hermle grandfather clocks in black can add a certain mystic charm to any room. Lighter hues such as blue and white are perfect for contemporary décors. Many people opt out of using grandfather clocks in their homes if the brown and antique look doesn’t go well with their contemporary homes. Now, with Hermle collection of clocks, you can find one to suit any modern or traditional décor style.

Attractive Price Range

It is a myth that grandfather clocks are only available at higher price ranges. It may be the case with some clock companies. But Hermle makes clocks for every budget and price range. You can find Hermle grandfather clocks that are affordable for all. These clocks are still quality pieces; revoking the same charm as the Hermle name does in the world of timepieces. Some Hermle authorized dealerships also offer attractive discounts from time to time; making it easier for everyone to by and enjoy timeless elegance in their homes.

Heirloom Items

Hermle grandfather clocks are heirloom pieces that can be passed down generations. Hermle clocks are not meant for casual use to be replaced after a few years. When you buy a handcrafted item with fine carvings, you are actually investing in a piece of art. Whether you prefer quartz or mechanical movement, Hermle clocks can be preserved for generations without any functional problem.

Easy Maintenance

Hermle offers a manufacturer warranty of three years through its authorized dealerships. It is easy to maintain and care for Hermle clocks. With such good care, it is entirely possible to preserve the clocks in perfectly good condition to pass on to the next generation.

For this reason, Hermle grandfather clocks also make for excellent gift items. When you are purchasing a valued item for gifting purposes, you wouldn’t want the person receiving the gift constantly hassled to maintain the clock’s functions or keep it in good shape. With Hermle, you are in actually good hands by the minutes and seconds!

Hermle is a tradition; a movement. When you buy a Hermle clock, you are investing in pure elegance.

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