Five Best Ceiling Fans from Modern Fan Company

Art is in the eye of the beholder and it’s up to us to see creativity and art in everything around us. A ceiling fan is something that most people wouldn’t consider art, right? Well, there are a few ingenious manufacturers who treat fans as more than just mere machines. For a few dedicated fan manufacturers, even a ceiling fan is an engineered piece of art. Be it the design of the blades, the way they are arranged or the finish and color of the fan, every detail is given the utmost attention. Not many manufacturers bother to include such deep thinking into their manufacturing process, except a few who set exemplary benchmarks for the rest of the industry. One of those pioneering manufacturers is Modern Fan Company, and in this post we will learn a few things about the company and its design philosophies. Also, we will list out 5 of their best ceiling fans and briefly introduce you to the features of these ceiling fans. Read on.

About Modern Fan Company

The company has always been known for keeping its design philosophy contemporary and modern throughout. The company remains to be one of the pioneers in the industry to come up with the most complete, exclusively modern collection of ceiling fans in the market. The manufacturer’s focus has always been towards producing ceiling fans of the highest quality, mechanical simplicity, geometric genius and contemporary finish. This design philosophy of Modern Fan Company can be largely attributed to its leading designer Ron Rezek. Ron believes in designing ingenious ceiling fans rather than just styling them to make believe that they are fashionable and modern. The company believes in delivering products that are not just ceiling fans but engineered pieces of art, both technically and artfully appealing to the customer.

Five Best Ceiling Fans from Modern Fan Company

1. Altus

This beautiful minimalistic ceiling fan ( is made of blades that are constructed from plywood and available in a number of colors including white, aluminum, black, maple and mahogany. Altus also comes with a small lighting fixture attached to it, available in two different diffuser variants-CFL and Halogen. Brushed aluminum, dark bronze and gloss white are the finishes available. As you can see, Modern Fan Company offers so much flexibility to the customer to choose from their wide array of choices for a single ceiling fan.

2. Cirrus Flush

The Cirrus Flush comes in two different variants mainly, with and without the lighting fixture. The lighting option is available with a single diffuser option and the light source can either be CFL or halogen. The blades of this ceiling fan from Modern Fan Company are made from wood and available in three colors namely white, aluminum and maple.

3. Pensi

Like Cirrus Flush, even Pensi is available with an additional halogen downlight option. The blades are made from injection-molded plastic and are available in two colors- white and aluminum. The control options too are of two types- for the fan or for both fan and light. Like every other fan from Modern Fan Company offers a good airflow efficiency of 86 cubic feet per minute per watt.

4. Stella

Stella is a magnificent ceiling fan that can easily be the centerpiece of a living room. The fan is designed so beautifully and appears so intricate that it is hard not to look at it twice. This beautiful fan is made from blades constructed of plywood and available in white, black, maple and mahogany. Stella is available with a single diffuser option and can be selected with either halogen or CFL lamping.

5. Torsion

Torsion is another intricately designed ceiling fan from Modern Fan Company. Its blades are made from plywood and available in a number of colors including white, nickel, black, maple and mahogany. The fan is available with two diffuser options and either make use of CFL or halogen as the light sources. Both two wire and three wire circuits are available for controlling the fan and fan & light combination respectively. Bright nickel, dark bronze and gloss white are the finishes available.

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