Minka Lavery Pendants for the Bathrooms

Lighting solutions for bathrooms should be given undivided attention and can be tricky at times. There are many things to ponder about- the whole space should be well lit at night; soothing and relaxing vibes must be generated so soft lighting is preferred. The lighting near the mirror, sinks, and countertops must be well balanced and cabinets much have proper illumination as well, etc. Minka Lavery produces mini, medium, large and island pendants for buildings of all categories, which can be used indoors and outdoors.

Mini pendants or single pendants get their name from the number of bulbs they have which is only one and they are the smallest in size. Medium pendants may have more than two or more bulbs and come with a bigger shade or glass component. Large pendants have either four to six or more light bulbs surrounded by a bigger shade and quite big in shape and size, they are also on the heavier side. From the previous categories, the bulbs are mostly hidden or covered and cannot be seen from certain angles, but that is not the case with island pendants. Island pendants have an epiphany of light bulbs arranged in artistic manner that is usually placed in kitchen for creating task lighting in that space. Bathrooms depending on their size can entirely transform with Minka Lavery pendants.


This collection features both mini and medium pendants having a single bulb and three bulbs respectively. With an Iron Oxide finish and Venetian scavo opal glass, the pendant from Minka Lavery combines modern design with traditional aesthetics and is perfect for providing soft and warm light to a bathroom, especially in a home. A contemporary creation for a modern home is what the Raiden can be described as. Functioning with a 100W bulb, this ceiling fixture will make you adorn the bathroom even more.


This collection has many variations as well like the mini pendant available in Patina Iron finish with Deep Spumante Lace glass and Chrome finish with White Iris Glass that works with a single 30W bulb. The three-light Minka Lavery pendant works with 60W candelabra bulbs and is available in finishes and glass shades like the mini version. The six-light variant comes in two versions- one normal version and an oval shaped version. They have the same bulbs, finishes and glass shades like their smaller siblings and will be most suited for bigger bathrooms having a lot of floor space and higher ceiling bathrooms too can incorporate the bigger light fixtures as their height can be adjusted with an extended limit. Distinctive in design and excellent for rustic themed bathrooms, Clarte’s construction consists of a bold framework that holds a ring-shaped lace shade at its bottom.

Harvard Court:

A fitting name for a peak performer in the lighting world. The mini pendant provides a glow from within the double diffusers and works with a 60W bulb, the light comes in a Bronze finish with clear and opal etched glass options. The three-light model works with 100W bulbs enclosed with white linen shade and etched opal glass diffusers completed with a similar finish as the smaller one. The large pendant works with six 60W candelabra bulbs with the same finish and glass like the mini pendant. The height of the mini and medium pendants can be adjusted to a certain measurement making it easier for customers to maintain it and change the lights.


Last but not the least, the best is saved for the end. Belcaro is a collection sure to attract attention and tempt guests and home residents to stay longer in the bathrooms. With many variations and all working with 100W bulbs, completed in a Belcaro Walnut finish and Aged Champagne glass, this distinguished Minka Lavery pendant is a cherished piece among its designers and a favorite best seller among home owners. The mini one-light pendant consists of a down rod whereas there is another one-light version with a broader shade and shorter in height. The three-light model is constructed with intricate details and draws inspiration from the Tuscan farm houses. The glamorous four-light pendant (www.wisegeek.com/what-are-pendants.htm) is almost a chandelier with a lot of intriguing design and silhouettes that makes it a class apart.

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