Reclaimed Wood Flooring – How it Gives Wood a Second Life

Are you looking for new flooring for your home? How about considering the reclaimed wood for the floors as they will give all the elegant vibe the moment you will step into the home. Simply search for reclaimed wood flooring Phoenix to know your options. The reclaimed wood has every element to give your space the look that you want right from boho to contemporary, it works for everything. Unlike the sourced wood, the reclaimed wood has a story or history behind it. For instance, these reclaimed woods might come from old barns, retired ships, wine casts, factories, grain elevators that are upcycled.

Not just that, the reclaimed wood is environmentally friendly and can be used for more than one purpose. And that other purpose can be wood flooring. Many homeowners these days are turning towards reclaimed wood flooring so that they can adapt to eco-friendly living while staying close to nature. So, if you are choosing reclaimed wood flooring, it means that you are giving a second or a new life to that wood by installing it in your home.

Adds a unique character to space

When you are choosing reclaimed wood, you are assured that it is the only piece of wood that you will see and there won’t be any prototype of it. This is because it has a history to it. Imagine that the wood flooring in your home was taken from a retired ship 100 years ago. This will completely uplift your space and the sense of excitement among your guests. Reclaimed wood is undoubtedly one of a kind and adds a special character to every place where it is installed. The age-old-reclaimed lumber adds authenticity to space and completely facelifts the home and I just cannot be copied.

Live an eco-friendly life

You are choosing to live an eco-friendly life with the reclaimed wood for flooring. Many homeowners these days make this a conscious choice so that the wood can be put to use for a different purpose and also it gets closer to nature. When you use reclaimed wood for the floor, you are saving a tree from getting milled for the lumber. This is nothing but a simple act to save the environment and saving the natural resources.

Along with this, we all must thrive to reduce our carbon footprint and if you want that, then reclaimed wood flooring can be your option. When you are installing reclaimed wood, you are giving a new life to it. And that plank won’t be thrown away or burned because it had no use and that would have added to air pollution.

Choose from varied reclaimed wood

Choosing something is the most tedious task and especially when it comes to flooring, you just do not want to go wrong anywhere. Reclaimed wood has become popular over the years and that is why you can find pretty much a wide range of variety to choose from. Also, you want a wood that would suit your space and its décor.

Reclaimed Oak is one of the popular choices for the flooring as it is heavy that adds to the strength and durability of the flooring in the long run. Also, the raw texture and color palate of the wood adds a different kind of charm to space.

Then there is a choice of maple that we usually see in the bowling lanes. It has a unique tone to it and resistant to heavy impacts. Maple is extremely difficult to cut and give shape to, therefore, it might get tedious if you choose it for your flooring choice. And to avoid that, you can look for walnut as it is friendly to cut, shape, and finish. There are also various choices ranging from Cedar, American Chestnut, Longleaf Pine, and Douglas Fir.

With reclaimed wood flooring, you are giving that lumbar a new life that can be with you for many years to come. Reclaimed wood is just another level when it comes to flooring. It gives you a warm and charming aura to your entire space and that sight will always bring a smile to your face.

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