Rombach and Haas Clocks: The Best Choice to Make an Impact in Your Room

Cuckoo calls add a touch of old-world charm to modern houses when there are devices all over to tell the time. But cuckoo clocks need not be bulky or ornate if that is not your taste. Rombach and Haas clocks with the cuckoo call are available in slim designs with simple artwork and filigree designs. If you don’t like nature scenes depicted in the cuckoo clocks, you can buy geometric designs with simple bells and whistles (read features). You can even opt for vivid stripes on the clocks – something very distinct when it comes to cuckoo clocks. You can even choose the birds crafted in varied dimensions and designs.

Rombach and Haas cuckoo clocks are crafted in a variety of designs. You can choose from hand-painted body to quaint-looking clocks with scenes of the forests and nature. There is also a special collection of cuckoo clocks designed like birdhouses painted in vivid colors of blue and yellow and subtle tones of black, white, and gray. The company also makes cuckoo shelf clocks that are shaped like the pyramid, comes in different colors, and features a unique design.

The Artistry for the Walls

Rombach and Haas clocks are pieces of art. Place a clock on any wall and watch it transformed. Rombach and Haas clocks can help you decorate any wall with a touch of panache. You don’t have to stick to the usual cuckoo designs either. For those who love whimsical accents in the house; you have many options to choose from the collection of Rombach and Haas clocks.

An example – a wooden clock where a rock sourced from the Black Forest region in the Germany (the home of the Rombach and Haas clocks) has been used to power it. It may not keep the perfect time with only the hour hands but it sure makes the walls (and the conversations) come alive.

For those who want perfect time in a perfect little clock; you can choose from any number of pieces available from the manufacturer. These are ideal for the walls in any room. Choose from fancy to whimsical, artistic, and playful – not to forget wooden clocks that can make any room cozy with their earthy shades and designs of chalets, houses, and daily scenes of life depicted oh so fantastically (really, you can find a clock with a man chopping firewood!). In another clock, you can find a boy and two horses resting and enjoying some reprieve near a water source.

For those who only prefer fine wood detailing can find clocks with carvings without any other elements. There is something for everyone in the Rombach and Haas clock collection.

The Rombach and Haas clocks are a work of artistic imagination created in the most profound way. The woodwork on some of the clocks is beyond comparison; in others it is a superb display of the artists’ love of the craft.

The Complementary Colors

Rombach and Haas clocks are crafted in neutral shades of brown, black, and white. Barring one or two designs that are also available in hues such as red and green; most of the wall clocks depict shades of the nature.

These clocks can complement any wall color and décor. You can use colorful clocks to add a bit of brightness to any neutral color scheme. The cuckoo clocks in red or yellow with clean designs are also ideal to use in the children’s room.

You can place colorful pyramid-shaped Rombach and Haas clocks on the side or corner tables; even on the mantelpiece with other decorative accents. These are also ideal for bookshelves and crockery cabinets in the house.

The Elegant and Alluring Clock Collection

Rombach and Haas clocks are for connoisseurs but also for anyone who prefers to indulge in the finer things in life – crafted simply but beautifully.

Most of Rombach and Haas clocks are faithful reproductions of earlier designs. But the new generation of the Haas family has been hard at work designing and creating new clocks.

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