Seagull Lighting Chandeliers for the Foyer

A lot of factors goes into account before purchasing a chandelier for the foyer/entryway of your house. The space of the area matters as well as the height of the ceiling. The theme and setting of the foyer should be thought about as well as the other items present in the area. Budget, color, style, size, pattern, design, orientation, length of down rod, maintenance, installation, warranty and energy consumption are the other factors that will be involved in the decision to buy a chandelier for your home.

That is why Seagull Lighting has made it easier for you by having their very own foyer chandeliers. Ranging from one three-light to fifteen-light, these fixtures will make it more clear and enable you to take the right decision without wasting too much time. This versatile collection has lighting solutions for tradition and contemporary homes, having ancient inspiration and modern construction.


This sparkling chandelier from Seagull Lighting is a dramatic choice for a bigger foyer as it gives your guests an extravagant welcome. It compromises of three layers of linear glass crystals that dazzles when switched on. Available in a four-light and a six-light variant, this is bound to make your guests revisit often. Available in Burnt Sienna and Brushed Nickel finishes, 100W incandescent or fluorescent bulbs can be used.


A versatile chandelier such as this is an example of simplicity and sophistication. Adding just the right amount of drama in the foyer, the Driscoll from Seagull Lighting is an excellent choice for traditional styled homes and modern homes as well. You can choose the three-light, five-light or even the nine-light variants where it projects upward ambient lighting and works with fluorescent bulbs. With only a single finish option of Brushed Nickel available, Driscoll is a fitting piece for the foyer.


Another great old meets new collection from Seagull Lighting is the Roslyn collection that is available in three, five, nine, and twelve-light chandeliers with Flemish Bronze finish and Crème parchment glass. LED bulbs of 100W is compatible with this chandelier. With its sturdy metalwork and easy installation, low maintenance plus a warranty is assured with the purchase of this product.


An interesting light fixture with an interesting name. With a strong metal framework forming a sphere and completed with an Autumn Bronze finish, the sphere comes with four and six lights with upward light projection. It is a piece of art for the ceiling and can even be used in damp locations. With a slight rustic vibe, vintage foyers will have a drastic change by installing one of these.


Just when you thought that you couldn’t find regal chandeliers for your classic themed home, Seagull Lighting has been creating and bringing back legendary design back into home décor and Plymouth is one such example. Having three, five, and nine-light variants, this collection comes in Weathered Pewter and Blacksmith finishes and works with LED bulbs. Simplistic and minimalistic is what this collection is all about. A common sight in American homes, Plymouth is a reminder of national history.


A combination of vintage style and cabin aesthetics, Sussex reminds you of your grandparent’s home where everything was just plain beautiful.  With two finishes, Brushed Nickel finish with Satin White glass or Heirloom Bronze with Satin Etched glass, the chandelier works with fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, but can still be converted to LED bulbs by replacing them with LED lamps. The lamps face downwards and come in three, five and nine-light ceiling fixtures.


Industrial inspired Belton takes the lighting game to a whole new level with its one of a kind vintage Edison bulbs. Coming in ranges of three and five light chandeliers, the retro vibe of the light is created with its Heirloom Bronze finish and Seeded glass shades. Incandescent bulbs make this Seagull Lighting wonder a total hit and is a true conversation starter.

Seagull Lighting chandeliers are available online as well where they ship you the products within a period and help you install it as well. They provide original information, correct pieces and easy exchange and return policies.

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