The Importance of Keeping the Kitchen Hood Clean

Few of us think about the fact that, in every restaurant in every power center or mall in the world, there sits a commercial kitchen, but it’s very important. The kitchen is where everything in a restaurant happens. Every meal comes from there and is prepared from start to finish using a number of different tools, like utensils and commercial-grade ovens, and with so much going on, there are a number of ways things could go wrong without proper maintenance—or commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me.

The stakes are high: a restaurant’s sole business goal is to make food that will prompt repeat business. That means paying attention to a lot of things, like the temperature of the stored food, the cleanliness of the utensils, and the unhindered functioning of the oven. Needless to say, making customers sick and risking a kitchen fire is not good for business. That’s why it’s vitally important for restaurateurs – as well as hospitals, schools, bakeries, or any business that uses a commercial oven – to maintain their ovens via “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me.” Ovens are machines that consume a lot of power and produce a lot of heat, and if not cared for properly, they can be cause for disaster.

Commercial Oven Ventilation

The safe handling and cooking of food requires the air in the kitchen to be clean and constantly moving. It’s for this reason that commercial ovens are outfitted with a ventilation system. The way a ventilation system for a commercial oven works is no different from any other ventilation system: stale air is sucked into an intake which goes through a duct to get exhausted, and fresh air is pumped in through a filter (or a series of filters). Commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me keeps that air moving as it should.

What makes a commercial kitchen ventilation system hood differ from ones in office buildings or living spaces is the sheer amount of debris and by-products of cooking that can easily lodge in or gum up the free passage of air. This usually means grease, but it can also come from the gradual accumulation of minerals from constantly boiling or baking. With this in mind, and the added challenge of the safe handling of food, businesses running a kitchen should always know the answer to the question, “where can I find commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me?”

A proper maintenance schedule can often be a real hassle to keep, but it’s especially important in the case of a commercial kitchen hood. So if you’re curious why it’s so vital to know “where I can find commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me,” there are a number of reasons to have this done. You’ll prevent a real disaster down the road.

Reasons to Maintain Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleanliness

#1: To Prevent a Fire. Constant cooking produces effluents, or fluids that accumulate as a by-product of cooking. This includes moisture, smoke, and importantly, grease. Grease is an especially big concern because of its flammability, but filters that become clogged or compromised due to smoke buildup or moisture damage can still back up hot air—or overheat the fan motor. Commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me can troubleshoot this before the problem becomes a reality.

A filter caked up with residual grease is especially prone to combustion. Often, on open ranges, flames can lick the air pretty high, and it may not be a stretch for a filter in an oven hood to catch fire, which is made all the worse by being fueled by grease, which makes the fire very difficult to put out. Couple that with the possibility of flames being drawn up the suction vent and you have the potential for some serious damage, even death. Prevent that possibility by consulting commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me.

#2: To Prevent Contamination. Commercial ovens are there to serve the public, and that often means being run for most of the hours of the day to potentially serve hundreds of patrons. Constant maintenance of the filters and hood by commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me guarantees that the risk of introducing undesirables from the ambient air is minimized.

#3: To Maintain Health Standards. A commercial kitchen is full of contact points that could lead to several unpleasant things, including mold or blood, a lot of which cannot be properly avoided. Even with the most rigorous cleaning regimen, the constant contact of food on surfaces can result in unseen runoff, or that morsel that got stuck behind the freezer. A thoroughly cleaned kitchen hood by commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me is a first-line defense against any unseen growth of bacteria or mold. It will prevent the staff—and the patrons—from catching airborne sicknesses.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Near Me

For the sake of health and safety, a routine professional cleaning of your commercial kitchen hood is vital, and having experienced professionals who specialize in HVAC cleaning is paramount. Restaurateurs all across the U.S. who wonder if there is commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me are urged to contact Air-Tek for service, professional advice, or a quote.

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