Three Vital Things You Should Know About Bed Bug Removal

bed bug removal

Bed bugs have become a growing issue in the past decade or more. While they were once at relatively low levels in the US, bed bug infestations have been steadily climbing, and they can affect anyone. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, there are a few things that you need to know. Here are the three most important things to understand about these pests and bed bug removal, and why you need to call in the professionals quickly.

1.  Bed bugs are sneaky

While many people believe that they will know if they have bed bugs early on, the truth is that bed bugs can hide in a home for a long time without being noticed. There are a few things that help them stay under the radar. First, they are very small. They never grow bigger than about the third of the size of a dime, and usually they end up being much smaller. Second, bed bugs can reproduce quite rapidly, but they also take a little while to gestate. Female bed bugs can lay up to five eggs a day and hide them in tiny cracks and crevices that make it near-impossible to locate for those who are not professionals at bed bug removal. There, the eggs can take two weeks to hatch, meaning you could have a pregnant female enter your home and you wouldn’t necessarily notice an issue until at least two weeks have gone by. Finally, bed bugs are a dark color that can blend into their surroundings. They also can’t leap or fly like other pests, meaning you won’t see them flitting about like fleas or flies.

The good news is that, despite them being quite sneaky, you can find signs of them fairly easily if you know what to look for, and then you need to call for bed bug removal if you do have them.

The first and most obvious sign is if you have bites that are from bed bugs. Unfortunately, this is usually the sign that things have gotten really bad, and it’s time to call in the professionals. Other signs that you have bed bugs include a smell, which is often compared to coriander. Since they consume blood, you may find tiny blood smears or fecal matter on your bedding or mattresses. If you look in the folds of your mattress and bedding, the favorite hiding spot for bed bugs, you may also find egg nests, molted skin, or carcasses of dead bugs. If you find any of this, then it is time to call in the experts for bed bug removal.

2.  Bed bugs are resilient

When people discover bed bugs, they usually try first to deal with them on their own in the same way as fleas. They strip their bed and throw it in the wash, give their entire home a thorough vacuum and cleaning, and wash all of their clothes. What bed bug removal experts will tell you, however, is that this usually happens a few days before they are called, and the problem has somehow worsened.

While all of these steps are necessary, they are a temporary fix. This is because bed bugs can survive almost anything; they are much more resilient than fleas. Every instance of infestation calls for expert bed bug removal. This is because they can hide so well, but also because they are surprisingly resilient. In fact, only the proper pesticides are guaranteed to eliminate the bugs and their eggs, causing the infestation to be over for good.

3.  Time is of the essence

Remember when we talked about how bed bug eggs take up to two weeks to hatch? Well, the number of eggs can increase exponentially in that time. This is because bed bugs mature very quickly. Females can hatch and become ready to lay eggs of their own in a few weeks. This is why, when you discover bed bugs, the issue is already much larger than you may suspect. This is also why contacting the professionals for bed bug removal is so important.

If you wait to get help with your infestation, all of those eggs have a better chance of surviving, turning into more bed bugs, and growing the population exponentially. In apartment buildings especially, this can turn into a major problem because they can find more places to hide, and more hosts to feed on. Rather than waiting, you should instead contact professionals and get bed bug removal services right away.

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