Tips for Buying Rustic Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Rustic Vanities give buyers a feel of the old World without having to sacrifice any of the mod cons that come with conventional vanities.  They are designed to evoke the rough and ready furniture that early American settlers used to cobble together from packing crates. They are popular for outfitting rural vacation homes. Rustic vanities are typically made from exotic wood or reclaimed timber. The paint is weathered or faded either artificially to expose the weathered wood. The fittings used resemble the brass and iron pieces that were in vogue in the 18thy century. Buyers can try out these bathroom vanity cabinets for their new homes and we have a simple guide to help them make the right choice:

Ask for Customized Rustic Vanities

Artisan furniture makers are proud to show buyers the extent of customization that they can achieve with rustic vanities. Buyers can choose different standard sizes, the number of sinks they prefer (single and double sink models are available), design style (Old World, Farmhouse), Door style (Arched Doors or Shutters), Leg Style (Toe Kick, Feet and Yugo Legs) and accents (Hand Carving, Metal Banding, Ornate Forged Iron or Oxidized Panels). This is in addition to a wide palette of color shades and finishes which they can choose at the time of placing the order. The vanities can be paired with hand beaten copper tubs or sinks for the authentic rustic appearance. Thanks to technology, buyers can get a rough idea of how their vanity will look before they place the order. Customization ensures that buyers can get unique rustic vanities for their home.

Check the Type of Wood

Rustic Vanities now come in many varieties of wood. The cost of your vanity can swing wildly depending on the choice of wood. If you are focused on authenticity, try out vanities made of reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is taken from old wooden buildings that have been disassembled because of the changes in building codes. Reclaimed wood has a beautiful weathered appearance, and it is very strong because of years of drying out. However, the price of vanities made from real reclaimed wood could go very because of its sheer rarity. Buyers can also look at getting vanities made of hardwood. Hardwood comes from slow growing trees and is renowned for its durability. Hardwood is classified as tropical hardwood like rosewood, teak and Kapa (from Asia, Africa and parts of South America), temperate hardwood like Ash, cherry and mesquite (from Canada, United States, China and Japan) and European hardwood like oak and beech (from Croatia, France and Germany). Hardwood furniture can be very heavy though, so buyers looking for a lighter option can go for vanities made from new wood.

Know Your Dimensions

Buyers of rustic vanities often choose such pieces to go with a period residence like a cottage or a country lodge. So, it helps to measure the space and layout where the rustic vanity can be installed. High end furniture makers will easily adjust the dimensions of the piece before shipping. So, if you have any special requirements regarding the dimensions and size of the vanity, be sure to let the furniture maker when placing the order. Buyers can also choose a high-end store that makes furniture to order. Besides, there are many variants in rustic vanities which could help buyers pick and choose their desired piece. While having some preconceived ideas would be helpful, buyers could end up being totally surprised by the kind of variety that is available. So, the best course of action is to just have the desired dimensions in mind and then start with a clean slate.

Check the Plumbing Connections

Rustic Vanities come with modern plumbing attachments. Often buyers look for rustic vanities for older homes. The plumbing and piping of such buildings could be different from modern standards, say in sizing or type of materials used. This could lead to some problems at the time of installing water connections to the sink when the vanity is ready. So, it would help buyers to make sure their plumbing system is compatible by asking the furniture maker beforehand about the requirements.

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