When Should You Think of AC Repair or Maintenance Services?

AC repairs and maintenance play a crucial part in increasing the efficiency of your system and providing you the much-needed relief in the hot summer months. Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system should be carried out at least once a year.

You can schedule your appointment with an AC maintenance service Jacksonville FL, just before the summer months to enjoy uninterrupted cooling in your house. Apart from this, your air conditioning system may require repairs if you encounter any unusual signs.

Weird noise or a foul smell are signs that should not be ignored. Contact a professional at the earliest as delays in addressing these issues can increase the problem leading to costly repairs.

1. Foul smell

A persistent bad odor in your house could suggest a significant problem with your air conditioner. If you suspect that the smell is coming from your cooling system, it’s time to call a professional. Issues like foul smell can go out of hand in no time. Also, it could cause damage to your health if not addressed promptly.

There could be microbial growth in your air conditioning system that can pollute the air, or it could be the air duct that requires a thorough cleaning. Depending on the issue, the professional can carry out the cleaning process to ensure that the airflow in your house is fresh and free of odor.

2. High Energy bills

It is obvious to expect a surge in energy bills during the hot summer months. However, if the increase in energy usage seems too high compared to the previous summer months, it could point out a potential problem.

Inefficiency in the cooling system leads to higher energy bills. A professional can check the system to detect an issue with the indoor or outdoor unit, that is causing unusually high energy bills.

3. Unusual noises

All air conditioners make some noise when starting or shutting down. You must be acquainted with the noises that your AC makes when operating. However, if you notice an unusual or loud sound, it is time to call for a repair and maintenance professional.

The sudden sounds could be due to lose parts creating friction or some other serious problem. A professional can determine the cause of the sound and will carry out proper maintenance or repair services.

4. Dirty air filter

An essential element of the regular maintenance of an air conditioning system is changing the air filters. Blocked air filters can cause restricted airflow, and clean air filters ensure that the air inside your house is fresh and free of contaminants.

Air filters of your AC need to be changed regularly depending on your lifestyle. For example, if you have pets, you may require replacing the filters frequently. You can also purchase a filter with a higher rating that will work more efficiently for a prolonged duration.

5. Frequent cycles

Your air conditioner should work at regular cycles. However, during hot days you could expect some changes. The heat could cause the air inside the room to heat up more often, requiring frequent cooling.

However, if you experience unusual cycles or your system is turning on and off constantly, you may require AC repair and maintenance services.

6. High humidity

Your air conditioner maintains the temperature inside your house and keeps the humidity levels checked. However, if you are experiencing high humidity inside your house, this could point towards a potential problem with your air-cooling system. A professional can help correct any issues with the Air conditioning system and ensure uninterrupted cooling.

These are some of the issues with an air conditioning system that can call for AC repair and maintenance services. With time the concerns with your air-cooling system can become serious. Hence you should seek professionals help at the earliest.

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