Septic Pumping And Tips To Prevent A Stinky Situation

The Septic system is one of the most important components to keep the house running smoothly. And to ensure that the septic system is in good health, you must schedule regular inspections every year to diagnose any major or minor issues. It is recommended that the septic tank pumping ( should be done once every three to four years to avoid blockages of pipelines and bad odors in the house from the drainage system.

If your house is bigger then it is going to generate more waste. And if your septic tank size is smaller as compared to your house, then it is going to need annual pumping. Septic tank pumping is the process of getting rid of all the sludge that has accumulated right from the bottom of the septic tank. And you need to make sure that you are scheduling the septic tank pumping appointment before the sludge builds up too much and starts to block the pipelines of your house.

How is the septic tank pumped?

So if you do not know when is the right time for septic tank pumping, then it is usually when you start seeing the layer of floating scum that is between the floating water and the sludge and is within about 4 to 6 inches of the outlet pipe that leads to the drain field. Thus, when you schedule the pumping appointment, the service will arrive along with a large truck with a tanker that has an attached vacuum to it. Then the technician inserts a large pipe into the tank going through the manhole.

Once the pipe is inserted then the equipment starts to suck out the contents from the septic tank. To make sure that all the contents and waste is removed, the technician needs to stir the contents with the help of a dirt spray to break the solid and mix them up with the liquid. This process makes the septic tank pumping effective. If you are thinking about the general costing structure for the septic tank pumping then it ranges between $200 to $600 depending upon the size of your tank.

Tips to prevent septic tank odor

The odor from the septic tank can be disturbing as you rest assured that some kind of issue has popped up concerning that. But don’t you worry as we got you covered here. It is comparatively easy to get rid of that stinky situation at home. Follow these easy tips to eliminate the odor.

• If your septic tank is between 6.8 to 7.6, then you can pour one cup of baking soda in the toilet or drain that will help maintain the pH level of your septic tank. Once you pour the baking soda into the toilet, make sure that you are not using excess water as it will flush all the baking soda from the septic system and it will be of no use before taking in any microorganisms.

• Never flush down anything such as plastic, wipes, face tissues, coffee grounds, cigarette butts, etc as the microorganisms cannot digest such material.

You must have noticed that the septic tank drains have a U-shape bend in the pope. The reason behind such a shape is that it holds water and keeps the gasses from rising above the level. And if the water and the drain have dried up, then you will start experiencing odors in your home from the pipes. However, it is extremely easy to solve this issue by yourself. All you need to do is keep the water in that U-shaped pipe running through the drains. If you have a room that is not in much use, then you can run the water from that bathroom. Make it a routine to avoid major failures in the future. If you feel that this job is out of your scope, then you can contact a plumber to help with the cleaning of pipes.

Since you already know a few tips to get rid of the septic tank odor and still if you are not able to get rid of that, it is time to call up the expert. Probably it is time for septic tank pumping if there is another plumbing issue. The expert will inspect the whole septic system and inform you of the problem and the solution to it. Leave the worries, call the expert!

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