How Routine Septic Tank Cleaning Avoid Expensive Repairs & Replacements?

If you have a septic system on your property, it will require periodic pumping and cleaning to avoid system failure. An overflowing septic tank can seep into your yard and even backup via the toilet drains. System failure will ultimately require you to repair or replace the septic system. Such endeavors can be quite expensive.

Here’s how routine cleaning can help you avoid expensive repairs and replacement work on the septic tank.

Septic Tank Cleaning – why is it needed?

Septic tank is where the wastewater from a property will come and accumulate. The drains from bathrooms, toilets, and the kitchen all lead to the septic tank. The heaviest particles easily sink to the bottom and the oil forms the top scum layer. The water or the effluent remains in the middle of these two layers. The effluent is discharged into the drainfield in the yard.

Once the tank is almost full (by ¾ at least), it needs to be pumped. If the sludge is not pumped out, it can flow back into the house via the drains. It can also overflow into the drain field. Bacteria will continue to break them down. But some sludge and scum can remain inside the tank for years. The accumulated sludge needs to be removed periodically. Otherwise, it can clog the septic tank.

Overflowing sludge can contaminate the groundwater. Contaminated groundwater will not only harm your family but it will harm the entire neighborhood. The damage can even reach beyond your neighborhood. It will harm both human and animal life. The sludge can even flow into any nearby body of water. If it contaminates water bodies in the vicinity, the toxins from the sludge can also harm aquatic life.

Overflowing sludge can damage your yard. Overflowing toilets can damage the fixtures and flooring in the bathroom.

You need to dispose of the septic waste as per regulations. Professionals who clean the tank also help to dispose of the collected gunk. You can search for such professional companies online. For instance, if you need septic tank cleaning in Alvin TX then you will need a company that offers all cleaning and other services as per local regulations. You can check the websites of companies you find online or call them to know about the services they offer in your location.

Preventing Expensive Repairs and Replacement Work

Routine septic tank work involves pumping it as needed. It also involves cleaning the tank including the filter if it has one. Regular cleaning can help you prevent septic tank system failure. It can be extremely expensive to replace the full septic system. Even replacing one or two parts of the septic system can cost you quite a bit.

Depending on the amount of wastewater generated on your property and the size of the tank; it needs to be pumped every one to three years. It can be more or less depending on your property’s specific requirements.

During the routine cleaning work, the professionals can also check the tank for any leaks or cracks. It will help you repair the tank before the cracks become more pronounced. It can be fairly easy and inexpensive to tend to minor cracks. But if you let them be; ultimately you will need to pay up when the sludge overflows through big cracks or if the system malfunctions.

The damage to the yard due to overflowing sludge can be quite extensive. You may need to hire a professional to remove the toxins from the affected area. Once the area is safe again, you can try and grow grass around it once more. During this time, you and your family will need to stay away from the affected yard area.

Backed-up sludge can damage toilets and flooring in the bathroom. You may require spending money to get the damage fixed.

Regular maintenance services can include inspection of the tank periodically. It will help you to keep the damage in check. The professionals can also measure and make note of the levels of sludge in the tank. It will prevent the tank from overflowing as then you will know when to schedule the cleaning services.

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