Is Septic Tank Cleaning Required Every Year?

Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic tank system is the storeroom of human feces. This tank is built under the ground and usually will have three chambers. The human feces are flushed out after the defecation to this chamber. Due to the continuous usage, there will be an accumulation of human waste. When this crosses the limit, the system will stop working. The possibility of septic tank clogging is more when the users put other external objects inside the toilet closet. Hence, periodic septic tank cleaning is essential, and one should do this effectively. Here, the expertise of a specialized plumbing company is essential.

Is Septic Tank Cleaning Required Every Year?

What should be the frequency of cleaning? Indeed, this is a difficult question, and because of the general nature that bothers many, often people talk about this subject with others to get a clear idea. Most of the people will be aware of the fact that regular pumping out and cleaning is necessary for maintaining the functional nature of the septic tank. But, they will be unaware of the frequency of cleaning.

In general, one must do the septic tank cleaning once every three years. However, this depends. As a general rule, one must do the septic tank cleaning in every three years. However, this depends. If the usage is excessive, you can lessen the frequency. Here, you can do the cleaning every year. Nevertheless, one can more or less accurately calculate the desired frequency of the septic tank cleaning based on mainly three factors.

The first factor is the number of people using the toilet daily. You must take into consideration, the total number of family members. The second one is the size of the tank. When the size is big, obviously the tank will be able to hold a sizable quantity of human waste. The third main factor is the quantity of waste that may get into the septic chamber.

The first two points clarify themselves. If the septic tank size is quite large and the number of users is very less, then there is nothing to worry for 3 to four years. You can postpone the cleaning for a minimum of three years. On the contrary, if the tank size is small and the family strength is high, then, of course, you must do the cleaning more frequently. However, there will be limitations in building large tanks, because of the availability of land. Hence, maintaining the tank as it should be is the only practical way to safeguard the functional capacity.

The third factor is of high importance. When users throw items like the sanitary napkins, toilet papers, ear-buds, etc., into the toilet bowl, these may reach the pit after one flushes the toilet one or two times. Once these reach the pit, there will be a gradual build-up, which will combine with the feces and will form a solid mass. Here, there is the need for evacuating septic chamber more frequently. You can clean the tank every year. Users must cultivate a habit not to put unwanted items into the toilet basin. By this way, one can increase the frequency of the septic tank cleaning.

Septic Tank Cleaning – Go For Professional Service

For making the septic tank cleaning effective, one must hire the services of specialized plumbing agencies. They will apply the latest methods for doing the cleaning process, which will be less messy and more effective. By this way, you can restore the full functionality of the tank. The presence of a plethora of plumbing companies in Houston and the nearby areas makes the septic tank cleaning in Alvin TX easy.  This luxury of grand option gives you the leeway to pick a most suitable company.  You must select an experienced and established septic tank cleaning company. Experience talks about the perfectness and professional capability of the company, whereas the established nature points out the reliability of the agency. Without any doubt, you can hire such an experienced company.

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