Why Should You Choose Hardwood Flooring Instead of Vinyl Flooring?

Today homeowners looking for hardwood flooring in Scottsdale AZ are sitting at two major choices i.e. vinyl and hardwood. And looking at the market scenario and hardwood is stealing the show hands down. People are preferring hardwood over vinyl for several reasons that are stated below in this post.

Hardwood is no cotton candy, one of the major reasons for it be chosen over vinyl flooring is that it has a long life, the durability factor plays pretty well for it. Hardwood flooring is a mix of multiple layers of plywood beneath the layer of hardwood and hence works well for flooring. While on the other hand vinyl is just one layer of colored material made of rubberized plastic made from PVC.

Both the flooring types, hardwood, and vinyl, come with sets of their pros and cons. But here we will list a few factors that will prove why getting hardwood flooring Scottsdale AZ is better than vinyl flooring. Go through the pointers and decide which kind of flooring would you want to install in your space that would suit your budget, taste, and aesthetics.

Installations: There is no bias or difference in the installation prices of the floorings. If the professionals you hired have the right kind of tools, they will not go wrong in the job they are called to do. The only difference is that you can install vinyl on your own, the material is light but in the case of hardwood, since it is heavy and durable it takes professionals to install it and get the best results.

The good thing about getting hardwood flooring installation Phoenix that you will not have to worry about uneven surfaces and keep the structure plain and straight. Hardwood does not bend, while on the other hand there is a chance of the vinyl bending I the process of installment. In the case of vinyl, it isn’t necessary to have straight flooring for placement, having said that, there also is a chance of it to crack if the flooring is uneven. Vinyl is only dependent on glue to hold it back on the floor which isn’t a very durable option for the long term.

Aesthetics: In terms of appearance hardwood flooring has been winning at the game. We are talking about aesthetically rich hardwood flooring in Scottsdale AZ that adds elegance and glamour to your space. There are natural tones and grains to the flooring since hardwood is made of solid woods. Adding woods have been the flag bearer of adding depth to the room and act as a good way of keeping them warm. On the other hand, we are talking about Vinyl that is one layer of material made of PVC that can be painted surely in different colors but will never succeed in giving out a natural royal look to space. It will always look like an artificial coloring no matter how expensive it gets. It can be dyed to different colors or textures that can be faked on the material but it does not look aesthetically rich.

Environmentally Supportive: People who are getting installed in their house’s hardwood flooring in Scottsdale AZ, they know that this flooring is a renewable resource of energy. There is natural wood in the hardwood flooring and that particularly makes it a popular choice among the people. The impact on the environment is far less in comparison to vinyl. You can also check certifications online to satisfy the nature lover inside you. Vinyl is made of PVC resin which is not at all environmentally friendly and emits volatile substances.

Another difference between hardwood and vinyl is that hardwood has a longer lifespan, if damaged it can be refinished and it will look like it is new. But in the case of vinyl, if ruined once, it has to be removed, you can fix it and make it look any better. So, make your choice right if you seek hardwood flooring in Scottsdale AZ, and install what suits your needs the best.

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